The Beauty of Sex in Marriage

The most basic of all human relationship is between a man and a woman. Human sexuality is used properly and should not be shamefully abused the gift of God is one. Sex is like a cell phone, it can be used properly or abused. Then, he gave us for the pleasure of it? No.

Both husband and wife in marriage, sexual intimacy is intended to connect and bond of unity. It was a time to work or you just do not have a release. This affection, love and total acceptance of each other is a response to each other. It is not meant to be under pressure or force. Sex in marriage is a fellowship. It is an experience that a communication is received and fulfillment and freedom. This relationship of trust and confidence in each other and in depth helps to bring growth and development. It provokes and transparency and full nudity evokes between husband and wife.

The sex is not just physical standpoint alone, conformity and uniformity required for both the man and his wife, but spiritually. Ie the joints in all walks of life brings unity and enthusiasm. Also, marriage, sex and other sexual object with the animals homosexuality, lesbianism, masturbation or sexual intercourse can not do with replacing. From God's perspective, sex in marriage among others, is to bring out two important things. "Joining and becoming". Mind, body and body together, you and your wife to get married legally, ie. Also, to make you like the other person's second or become a member.

Let me writing in this field. An Angel Mary (mother of Jesus) came to visit and she will conceive and bear a son told him that. Enter hear bible. "Then Mary unto the angel, How is it that I know not a man? KJV (), will be watching said.

"Know" a man of your experience here because the body does not have proper knowledge about the means. About the functioning of the body of a man talks about his acquaintance.

I go on further to exposit this verse of the bible. Take this for example, that a strange man in a grocery store suddenly touches you probably did not know at all. You will immediately respond to touch and the look on your face that will show you feel nervous. The man is funny because the whole reason. The man is her husband, on the other hand, you feel embarrassed? Why not? He is your husband and you know it. Yet we are addressing here to learn face recognition or not by sight.


Learn intercourse "body and mind" has knowledge of both. Familiar sex, deep and has a way of getting to know each other personally. Act like a man and woman knows the woman through. Like I said before knowing it was a face, but knowing each other ti innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires is not the expression. The sex knowledge familiar to each other helps both the man and his wife. That is, they progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with each other, recognizing perceive and to understand each other in a personal way. Now, the familiar "Here each other or desires, feelings and get used to the peculiarities of the other person means to be familiar with.

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