Rampant Rabbit

Now with the amazing rumours that the women all over the globe are dependent to the rabbit experience. Rampant rabbit heated does little to shift us ahead from that exhausted saying. This, however, is not a film evaluation. It is more in you will of a reality evaluate – because, like most insane, bunny heated has a black reality defending just below its single-punchline position.

The bunny is the best-selling experience. It guidelines in many versions and shades, with a variety of control management control control buttons to control the quality of the the oscillations, the rather frustrating spinning of the go, and the bunny ear components that stimulate the clitoris or the anus, depending on your predilection. It is an amazing product of technology, efficient in its own particular way.

Although the PR behind the Rabbit and other feelings indicates that it has launched us from sex-related repression, our agree to of the Rabbit has more to do with capitalism and consumerism than anything else. The well-known press rumours is that frustrated heterosexual women are the only customers of feelings – though, of course, they are probably in the same way well-known among gay men. We will never know who buys what or in what amount, since the Department of Company and Industry does not notice such aspects.

If we have achieved a factor where we cannot appreciate or even think about sex without all the gadgets, the jam rises, side, nodules and spinning ball bearings, then we are in problems, because lovemaking is more complicated than a few battery power and a varying speed-control key.

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